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Preventing Your Tools From Becoming Rusty

Preventing Your Tools From Becoming Rusty

At times it does not matter how much you protect or take care of your gardening tools, rust can occur even when you are least expecting it. At FarmsTool we know all too well that rusted metal blades can pose a problem, however it is necessary to keep in mind that a rusty tool does not make it useless. 

With experience in rust removal, we even know that merely following these tips will do the trick, it will restore your steel gardening tools back to good, old days in absolutely no time at all!

  1. Clean your gardening tools and avoid them from becoming wet. Cleaning your gardening equipment and tools correctly and regularly helps in avoiding rust from evolving in the first place. It is also crucial to evade them from keeping wet for lengthy periods of time. You must never leave your tools outside as they will rust fast if they are exposed to the weather for a prolonged time.
  2. Store your tools appropriately. Once you have cleaned your gardening tools, let them dry meticulously before you store them in some dry place like a cupboard, or a shed. Try to avoid clogging them together inside a van or box because this leads to their sides becoming blunt. The best way is to store them separately. You can even consider making a hanging stand in your cabin or shed.
  3. Store your tools inside a bucket of oil or sand. A number of gardeners advise cleaning and washing your tools in water, and letting them dry in an open area, then plummeting them into a bucket jam-packed with a mixture of oil and sand to store them there. This method is often considered to prevent the tools from catching rust.

Do you have any tips on cleaning and making your garden tools rust-proof? Comment to let us know!!

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