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Prevention From Locust Crisis

Prevention From Locust Crisis

What Is A Locust Swarm?

Locusts are the insects that can travel 150 kilometers in a day depends upon the speed of the wind. Locust swarms devastate crops and also cause agriculture damage which can lead to spoiling your agriculture field in a blink of an eye.

Locusts damages leave, flowers, fruits, seeds, bark, and beginning points, and also damage plants by their sheer weight as they settle on them in massive numbers. They can spoil your Farming in less than four times you managed to grow them.

They are small in size but they don’t act like one. Locusts eat on an average as much amount of food equivalent to 10, Elephants, 25 Camels, or 2500 people.

Behaviour And Life Cycle Of Locust Swarm

They normally look like Grasshoppers. Mostly they have big back legs that help them to jump long, They are from the family of a grasshopper but do not act like one. They are in fact more dangerous.

They are very more sociable and promotes and do rapid movements from one place to another

When the rain comes that rainy season creates the perfect storm for us because they produce more in this season and growth in vast numbers.

They can change their color and shape in their Gregarious phase. They can spoil your farm in less than times you managed to grow them.

Areas Which Are Attacked By Locusts

  1. New Delhi
  2. Rajasthan
  3. Punjab
  4. Gujarat
  5. Madhya Pradesh
  6. Uttar Pradesh
  7. Maharashtra
  8. Haryana

Why Is This Outbreak So Serious And Could It Get Worse?

 Yes, It can get worse if left ignored.

The Locust entered in our area at the very wrong time. In the wider East Africa Region at the time of the rainy season I.e April and May are favorable seasons for Locust to breed- They increase their numbers in the same month as well as an area too.

If we unknowingly ignore it the Locust can increase by 400 times till June as each generation has a 20-fold increase in population on average.

Are You Scared Of This Berthed Disaster?

Who will not? After COVID-19 this can prove to be one of the hell of this year.

Although they do not harm humans directly but indirectly they can eat a huge amount of food which can lead to starvation to us.

But as it is said every problem comes with its solutions this also has some solutions which can be taken care of. Yes, you heard it right. We all need to take these prevention tips to stay away from this.

Prevention Tips That Can Benefit You Saving Your Crops From Locusts

1. We can use some chemicals like – Malathion 50% EC, Malathion 25% WP, Chloropyriphos 20% EC, and Chloropyriphos 50% EC – These chemicals should be dissolved in water and sprayed on crops in the evening time which can prevent your crops.

2.) According to the research and seems it has been noticed that Locusts usually fly in the day time, therefore, the locusts should not be allowed to rest during night time so that they can’t affect our crops during day time.

3.) Close your doors and windows at night time

4.) Locusts are unable to survive in a loud voice

5.) High smoke can also prevent your crops from harm

6.) We can also kill them at night by spraying on them because at that time they usually found in huge number on our plants, trees or crops

7.) We can help each other in knowing the prevention so that number of methods can be used to get rid of them as early as we can.

some Government specified tips

Who Normally Carries Out Locust Control Operations?

These operations are normally done by Plant Protection Agencies and Ministries of Agriculture and Ministries of Agriculture in Locust affected countries.

Operations are normally carried out by National Locust units of countries. In the countries where Locusts breeding is endemic, there are certain units to perform these actions particularly.

Some Relieving Steps Exerted By The Country On Locust

Our Honourable Prime Minister took some major steps to help the farmers

1,) He promised to Help all The states affected by Locust in our Country.

2.)He clearly stated that he will be extending all the states affected by Locust. He stated this on the radio “MANN KI BAAT”

3.) “Adopting New Technologies will be abe able to help the farmers as well as a country together” He stated

4.)Meanwhile, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has ordered to Burst firecrackers and beat drums to get rid of Locust Crisis.

5.)The Deoghar district had issued detailed guidelines on Saturday and a toll-free number 18001801551 to help farmers in case of the locust Invasion

6.)”Presently, there is a provision compensation of Rs 13,500 per Hectare up to 2 hectares if the crops are damaged by the locusts.

7.) Everyday Locust Control Organizations, district authorities, and state agriculture department officials undertake control operations with control spray vehicles of LCOs, tractor mounted with sprayers and fire tenders.

The Crisis In Numbers

  • 20.2million people in severe acute food insecurity in the region
  • 153million USD requested for FAO’s rapid response and anticipatory action in 10 countries
  • 1km2 swarm can eat the same food as 35000 people in one day
  • 400times increase in locust numbers by June if crisis left unchecked

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