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Reasons why yours plants is not flowering and remains unhealthy!

Reasons why yours plants is not flowering and remains unhealthy!

A flowering plant or one bearing nutritious fruits will bring you joy, even more so if you have them in your own garden.

Consider a situation in which you have been caring for your plants for an extended period of time and they are still not flowering or your efforts to keep them healthy are insufficient.

Additionally, it is always discouraging when a prized specimen appears to be ill. You will not experience the true joy of flowering unless you learn how to properly care for them.

So, what are the reasons for your plant's inability to flower or remain healthy? It is not always insects or pests that are to blame.

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The following are some of the most common causes of unhealthy and non-flowering plants.

  • Pick the right plant –

The most critical task is to select a plant that will thrive in the conditions you can provide. Always purchase healthy specimens and transport them safely.

Even problems with the leaf, stem, or flower can occur, and you should learn to identify the source of problems in order to take immediate action.

  •  2. Soil quality –

The quality and type of soil is the most critical factor affecting the plants' overall health. As a general rule, the majority of plants require a well-drained loamy soil that allows for adequate root aeration. nutrient-dense ready-to-use soil is ideal for your plants. But there's always a way to figure out right soil for your plants.

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Therefore, for overall plant health, select a well-amended, high-quality soil that is suited to your plant. Only garden soil is insufficient for plants; it must be well amended with various additives such as perlite, peat moss, dried Sphagnum moss, coco peat, and vermicompost, among others, to ensure that plants receive the necessary nutrients.

  • Plant food / Fertilizer

While a well-drained garden mix soil is always the best option for maintaining plant health, it is not the only requirement for plants. Plants, like humans, require food to survive. This food is found in the soil in the form of nutrients.

If the plants are potted, all available nutrients will gradually wash away, causing your plants to struggle. Bear in mind that a starving plant is more likely to become ill and, as a result, will not produce flowers. Therefore, do not allow them to go hungry. Utilize plant-specific or all-purpose fertilisers and manures that are either immediate or slow release.

  • Over watering

Bear in mind that no life can exist without water. While many plants can tolerate infrequent watering during the winter, failing to provide adequate water during the growing season quickly results in leaf wilting or non-flowering.

However, overwatering is the most common reason for an indoor plant's death or illness. To control over watering you need one tool that can solve this problem.

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Thus, the proper amount of water should be added to the water, not less or more.

  • Light

Numerous flowering plants require at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to bloom properly. Photosynthesis, the process by which plants prepare their food, requires light. Reduced light causes stress on plants, impairing their ability to produce flowers and causing them to become unhealthy.

  • Temperature

Temperature has an effect on flowering. Extreme heat can wreak havoc on the blooming cycle. Low temperatures can cause damage to buds, obstructing flowering. Nevertheless, it is entirely dependent on the plant and its blooming cycle. Some require low temperatures, while others require moderate or high temperatures.

  • Check for bugs

If all of the necessary conditions for a plant's growth are met but it remains unhealthy and does not flower, your plant may be under bug attack or may be infected.

Remove unhealthy and infected parts of the plant and fertilise with a high-quality organic fertiliser to boost the plant's immunity. Neem cake can be used to combat bugs/insects in your soil as a home remedy. Or a perfect Gardening tool would work too.

Whatever the reason for your plant becoming unhealthy, it is always recommended and suggested to strengthen the natural ability of plants to defend themselves against adverse conditions. Utilizing organic plant fertilisers, the highest quality soil mix, and additives such as Biogrow will ensure that your plant flowers and grows healthily.

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