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Sleep Better with These 7 Bedroom Plants!

Sleep Better with These 7 Bedroom Plants!

Don't you want a cosy calm night's sleep after a long day's work?

Sleep is possibly the most important task of the day - it can relieve exhaustion and re-energize you for the next day.

And while you're at it, numerous airborne contaminants sneak into your lungs, completely unnoticed. Yes, they are hazardous and toxic.

Your coffee table, assuming it's built of particleboard, is probably leaking gases. Other items in your home that emit VOCs like formaldehyde include paint on the walls and furniture upholstery.

You may feel nauseous and tired in the morning.

How to fight it? NASA's Clean Air Study found that particular foliage plants may considerably improve indoor air quality by cleaning the air and removing VOCs, dust, and pathogens.

Aesthetically, they might reduce stress and increase concentration.

So why not add some easy-care plants to your home?

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

The spider plant is ideal for combating carbon monoxide and xylene in the bedroom. These plants produce baby'spiderettes' that can be repotted for a flowering spider family. Plus, it's completely safe for your pets!

 Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Your bedroom will smell fresher with these evergreen perennials. These tropical Asian plants are patterned and vibrant. Chinese evergreens prefer high humidity, so water them lightly.

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This diverse group of houseplants comes in many varieties. Draceanas can grow up to three feet tall, necessitating larger pots and more They prefer to be misted rather than watered; too much water will kill them.


They are the best air purifiers. It also removes benzene and ammonia.

So add a chrysanthemum to your kitchen or living area. To care for this plant, set it near a sunny window.

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English Ivy

This evergreen climber thrives inside. It is particularly good in reducing airborne faeces particles, making it an ideal room air purifier.

It looks lovely in a hanging basket or on a windowsill. This plant can cause severe contact dermatitis in those with sensitive skin.

 Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Peace lilies purify the air. These easy-to-grow plants require little or no sunshine. The white hooded flowers, which represent peace and cooperation, look exquisite when placed in a living room area.

Aloe Vera

The jelly-like extract from its leaves can be used as a skin moisturiser and as a pain reliever when applied to scrapes and burns. A sunny window is ideal for this plant.

Wait two to three days before watering a newly potted plant.

Now, you can have a better yet sound sleep :)

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