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Some Myth & Facts About Indian Farming

Some Myth & Facts About Indian Farming

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the whole timespan of a particular economy. Agriculture is the spine of the economic system of a particular nation. Moreover, offering food and raw products, agriculture even offers employment prospects to a huge fraction of the population.

Keeping the same in mind, we’re back with 5 more fun facts about agriculture!

Myth 1:

Organic Food is free of chemical


  • Crop protection chemical remains can be found in samples of vegetables organic produce.
  • The concept of nutritional superiority offered by organic produce is also arguable.
  • Conservatively cultivated vegetables are a lot of times sold under the ploy of organic by retailers with the aim to earn higher profits.

Myth 2:

Chemicals for Crop Protection are Used Extremely in India


  • India’s expenditure on chemicals for crop protection is less than 1% of whole agriculture production in value term; that is a fraction of other countries in the world.
  • According to the food samples analyzed by certified laboratories, 98% of them were observed to be acquiescent within the crop protection chemicals MRL i.e., maximum residue limit.
  • Our food acquiescence (with reference to pesticide residue limit) is in line with the international standards

Myth 3:

Crop Protection Chemicals Result in Extreme Disparity of the Aquatic Ecosystem


  • Fishes are greatly sensitive to the water pollutants.
  • India is the 3rd largest country in terms of fish production globally which shows that our soil-water ecosystem is not polluted or contaminated.

Punjab and Andhra Pradesh result in the productivity and fish production respectively, irrespective of their usage of insecticide or pesticides

Myth 4:

Farmer Suicides are Extensive in Indian Agriculture


  • Suicides, whether by non–farmers or farmers deserve the understanding and attention of the citizens of the country.
  • According to a report of WHO, around 8 lakh people die every year by suicide in the world.
  • Suicide rate in Russia is amongst the greatest, 16% higher as compared to the international average.
  • In India, farmers suicide form less than 10 % of the entire suicides.

Myth 5:

Vegetables and Fruits are Injected with Animal Hormones and Coloring Chemicals


  • Nothing can be injected into the vegetables and fruits after they have been harvested.
  • This fact can be proved by trying to inject coloured water into uncut water melons and unpeeled, ripe bananas. The coloured water would automatically drip out from the point of insertion of the injection.
  • According to a study by CENTEGRO, animal hormones can’t and won’t expand the size of the vegetable and fruit overnight as suspected


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