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Tips And Cautions For Using Pruners

Tips And Cautions For Using Pruners

Where would have we been without our reliable and dependable gardening
pruners and secateurs?
However, to receive the best from our tools we have to display a little tender and loving care and treat them fine and there is absolutely no reason that they should not last for a good number of years.

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Read the article below to find out how to keep your pruning tools and gardening secateurs as good as new…

Work contentedly and comfortably 

The primary concern when it comes to gardening secateur or pruner is that you merely are making loads of cuts by just your hand muscles. This can result in soreness and fatigue, and tedious stress-injury at worst. To avoid this, such difficulties and issues always use the deepest part of the blade to chop, in order to urge extreme force. Work with the pruners with the balls of your hand & finger bases, and not your fingertips. 


Try carrying them during a belt holster for a forthright contact

Go to some place where professional gardeners work, like a botanical garden, and you will observe that everybody carries a pruner on his or her belt. Purchase a holster that your pruners fit comfortably into and especially with a hole at the rock bottom. This permits dust, wood chips, and fragments to fall out instead of getting collected in there because it would tend to.

Do not cut wires

At some point or the other, you will be desirous to chop a bit of metal wire together with your gardening secateurs or pruners. Do not do it; you are permanently going to nick the blade of your pruner, making every single cut that you make after that just a teensy bit harder. Some pruners/secateurs, nevertheless, have a little nick where the wire can be inserted and cut.

Improve your skills with the following pointers for better pruning

When pruning a stem, the bud nearest the highest of it'll be the primary one to grow into a replacement shoot.

Keep them sharp & clean

Dull gardening pruners or secateurs are unusable and effortlessly honed. Refer to our other blog for some tips on cleaning and sharpening pruners.

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