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Top 10 Kitchen Garden Herbs

Top 10 Kitchen Garden Herbs

Herbs are needed daily. These herbs add flavour and nutrition to our meals. Our herb purchases are common, but did you realise that many of these herbs may be cultivated indoors? Yes, you may now grow these herbs in your own kitchen garden.

The top 10 herbs plants that will make any dish wonderful are listed below.

  1. Origanum Majorana/Marwa

A dry dwarf shrub. They grow up to 60 cm tall. They feature lovely whitish, oblong, and grey leaves. These plants' blossoms form a spike. The aroma of these leaves will permeate your kitchen and entire house. These leaves are used to flavour sauces, eggs, vegetable dishes, soups, and salads.

  1. Tulsi Plant

Tulsi is a popular fragrant herb used in various dishes. Basil is a simple indoor plant to grow. Yummy basil with tomatoes! You can use fresh leaves in salads, sandwiches, or sauces. You can make pesto sauce with basil. Basil thrives in bright light. Water it regularly to keep it moist.

  1. Mentha Arvensis/Japanese Mint

A perennial herb that is known as wild mint. This scented plant has smooth leaves. When lightly crushed, the plant has a delicious flavour. This plant's components are used to treat infections. Because mint is antibacterial, it is often utilised as an essential oil. Some foods use it as a major seasoning. This leaf's juice treats diarrhoea and dysentery. The leaves of this plant are also beneficial for hypertension patients.

  1. Oregano Plant

Oregano, a mint family member, is essential in Mediterranean cooking. Fresh oregano leaves go nicely with meat, sauce, salad, soups, casseroles, and more. The best thing about oregano is that it can be used both dry and fresh. These plants need intense light. Water them as needed.

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  1. Parsley Plant

It's time to give your parsley plants a permanent home in your garden. You can add them to your food as a garnish or to improve the flavour. These leaves give your dish a much-needed pop of colour and depth of taste. You can harvest the stems of parsley plants and have a new plant in no time.

If you want your parsley plant to thrive, make sure it has organic soil and enough of sunlight.

  1. Sabja Plant/Sweet Basil/Ociumum Basilicum

There are many people who believe that basil seeds can only be used to grow basil plants, although this isn't entirely true. This plant's seeds resemble sesame seeds, however they're black instead of brown. This herb is extremely important in both ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

This plant is a great source of minerals for children and pregnant women, so it's a win-win situation.

  1. Stevia Plant/Stevia Rebaudiana

This flowering plant is well known for its sweet leaves. It is used in both fresh and dried form to sweeten the beverages and dessert items. Stevia can be used as a healthier alternative to sugar. It is a tender perennial herb that reaches approximately 2.5 feet in height. This plant requires well-drained soil and high humidity conditions.

  1. Lemon Balm Plant

The mint family includes this evergreen perennial herb. It thrives in chilly climates thanks to its citrusy-scented leaves. When it comes to meat and many other poultry products, this is a must-have element.

This plant does best in direct sunlight. Lemon balm thrives in the same soil as other cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.

  1. Mentha Pulegium/Pennyroyal Plant

It's a culinary herb with decorative qualities. The flowers of this evergreen perennial are a reddish-purple. Small, thin leaves adorn the stems of this low-growing plant. Seeds, cuttings, or spring division can all be used to multiply these plants.

  1. Thyme/Thymus Vulgaris Plant

Many types of thyme are available, each with its own distinct flavour. Some cuisines around the world use it as a key element. This lovely houseplant has tiny leaves and hanging stalks.

Use organic soil with sufficient drainage for the thyme plant's terracotta pot. The plant necessitates a steady supply of water and intense light.

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