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Top 5 Summer Flowering Plants in India

Top 5 Summer Flowering Plants in India

Forget the worries of your garden going astray when the heatwave strikes!

We all are pretty aware that our country hosts a number of summer flowering plants, right from the warm coastal regions to the subfreezing climate of the Himalayas. 

At this point of the year, when summers are exactly round the corner, it's time for us to know what is seamless for the weather with over 30-degrees of temperature. The summer season blows from the month of March to May with the monsoon season starting in June.

Although I need reasonably more care and nurturing during the summer season, the assortment of flowers which bloom in this specific season make it worth the effort.

To make your garden look lush and colourful, here are the Top 5 Summer Flowering Plants in India:

  • Marigold

These bright and cheerful flowers are a seamless choice to add colour to any garden. The colour of the marigold flowers differs from golden brown to light yellow. It’s a common flower which is used number of purposes, like medicinal and religious. The pigment that is extracted from the flower can even be utilising as a food colouring agent. 

  • Lotus

lotus garden plant

Lotus is a very common water plant. Apart from that it is also the national flower of India. Lotuses are commonly accessible in shades of white and bright pink. One of the features of the lotus flower is that its petals open by the dawn and then close down gradually from afternoon to evening. It is a gentle flower that would definitely be a colourful and fun addition to your garden.


  • Roses

This romantic flower would add cheer to your garden in summers. Though it requires a little extra care, it is perfect for summer. If offered proper care, they bloom all season long. Roses incline towards attracting a few kinds of pests; therefore placing marigolds beside them can help significantly in pest control.


  • Hibiscus

These stunning flowers are every so often linked with the tropics due to their full-bodied and lush bloom. Hibiscus flowering plants can become quite huge, so you must plant them in some area where they will have ample room to grow. As long as the flower is in direct sunlight, it would grow and bloom all season long, and come up sturdier season after season.


  • Sunflowers

The most suitably named of the lot, sunflowers are gorgeous yellow flowers which would dot your garden, giving it a very exquisite feel. These flowering plants are good at enduring extreme weather conditions and temperatures. It is significant to note that they are not supposed to be overwatered, as this releases the soil and might even weaken the plant.

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