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What's Wrong With Your House Plants?

What's Wrong With Your House Plants?

Houseplants are good to have around and they’re a delight to watch growing while things happen as they should be happening. Although, when your plants look puny rather than perky, it can be tough to figure out the reason.

What’s Wrong with My Plant? Great question! There are a number of possible reasons as to why your plants look sick, however you may normally narrow it down to general houseplant problems related to pests, light, water or diseases. 

Getting to know about common houseplant troubleshooting can help you in determining whether your plant can be saved, not.

Here are some common problems..


Soft pliant leaves – they seem green however are dangling and droopy.


Reduce watering your plant. Ensure the soil is totally dry before you water the next time. Generally, it’s better to underwater than overwater.


Pale and yellow.


Repot your plant in a soil that is nutrient rich as bad quality garden soil is not considered good or healthy for indoor plants.


Crispy, Brown edges


Place them in a sink/tab full of water to soak, and post that water more often allowing the soil to dry between drinks.


Black spots or holes


Pluck out all the infected leaves from your plant and apply some white oil or some kind of spray that is nursery recommended.


Falling and Dry leaves


Move your plant to some lesser drafty space for instance mist leaves or bathroom often.


Growing toward light


Move your plant near a bigger window or some place outside. This is common with succulents.


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