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watering hoses, garden pipe, garden water hose pipe
watering hoses, garden pipe, garden water hose pipe
watering hoses, garden pipe, garden water hose pipe
watering hoses, garden pipe, garden water hose pipe

Garden Water Hose Pipe Gardening Magic Flexible Hose Pipe Tap Connector

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Garden Hose Pipe – 15 meters/ 0.5-inch

A garden hose pipe width measuring five-eighths inch is usually most convenient. It’s a good blend of water flow and pressure without being too weighty.

You would normally find garden hoses made of vinyl, rubber or a combination both.

A basic vinyl hose (typically strengthened with a radial-cord) is the least costly and most lightweight choice but also the least robust. It’s more susceptible to splitting, kinking and cracking as compared to other materials and could degrade fast if exposed to sun or harsh weather.

watering hoses, garden pipe, garden water hose pipe

But if budget is the question and the hose is required for light duty gardening tasks, then a vinyl garden hose would be a decent pick.


  • Some types of flexible hose pipe are more prone to rupture than others. Be sure to buy one with the right burst pressure rating.
  • Garden hose pipe strength can be measured in terms of “burst pressure” (the water pressure at which it is likely to rupture). If you’ll be using a hose nozzle or a sprinkler, look for a hose with a burst pressure above 350 psi.
  • For pressure washer use, check your manual before buying a hose – you may need an even higher psi.

A garden hose water pipe which is flexible for going around corners, easy storage etc. but not that flexible that it kinks easily, is a good option. Kinking results in splitting and curtails the life of the hose. Though all garden hoses would kink if they’re twisted, few are better s compared to others. Overall, strengthened and rubber hoses are less probable to kink as compared to other kinds.

 TIP – While shopping for a garden hose, bend it into a U. If the hose kinks, choose another.

 SPACE SAVER: Relish gardening without dragging around a heavy garden hose! This expandable garden hose allows you to water plants/wash your car without a twist, tangle or kink in the pipe.

 EXPANDING: This garden hose pipe can expand nearly about 50 meters (15 feet), i.e. 3x its original length, when the water is turned on. When turned off, the pipe shrinks back to its original length of nearly 50 meters (or 15 feet) which helps with easy storage.

watering hoses, garden pipe, garden water hose pipe

 STURDY: The magic portable hose is made with high-quality latex and PP dual layer construction. The thick latex inner tube combined with the tightly knitted outer material can endure pressure without bursting or leaking.

 AVOID LEAKS: The outdoor magic garden hose is available in a quick tap connector for easy set-up without any leakage.

 SIZE: 1/2 inch (0.50 Inch) – Length: 15 m (50 Feet) – Includes 7 Mode Nozzle Spray Gun and 3 Clamp Rings.

A hose pipe is an important tool for both gardening and maintaining outdoor space employing a good hose that works properly without getting twisted or breakage can make gardening a fun experience or car washing. They are available in many sizes, colors, and designs like green hose pipe. Some offer useful features like multi-ply construction, kink resistance, etc. The lifespan of an honest hose pipe is about 5 to 10 years.

Simplify your gardening with the flexible hose pipe, which expands to 3x its original length. With its durable, yet lightweight construction, you’ll enjoy watering your garden more and more.

The flexible hose pipe and collapsible water hose is cleverly designed to expand up to 3x its original length when the water is turned on. When the water isn’t on, the water pipe shrinks back to its original size, making it easy and convenient to hold and store.

watering hoses, garden pipe, garden water hose pipe

Included within the delivery may be an applicator with 7 water patterns. Easily adjust the nozzle to fit your watering needs!

The tube is formed of latex while the outer layer is formed of durable PP to face up to strong water pressure without leaking or bursting.



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